GDC’s First Sessions Announced

by Ben Reeves on Dec 11, 2009 at 10:35 AM

The Game Developers Conference is a yearly event in San Francisco where game developers and industry professionals from all over the world meet to talk about games and attend lectures given by the best and the brightest stars in the industry. This year, the conference is scheduled for March 9-13 and the first wave of sessions just got announced. Below are some of the speakers you can check out if you are lucky enough to attend.

A Method to Our Madness: An In-Depth Look at Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Cinematic Production Process
Speakers: Josh Scherr & Amy Hennig (Naughty Dog)

Modeling Individual Personalities in The Sims 3
Speaker: Richard Evans (Maxis)

Rock Show VFX - The Effects That Bring Brutal Legend to Life
Speakers: Peter Demoreuille & Drew Skillman (Double Fine Productions)

Why Owning Your Own IP is a Bad Idea: Giving Up Your Rights for Fun and Profit
Speaker: Chris Charla (Foundation 9 Entertainment)

Little Hands, Foul Moods, Runny Noses 3: Research for Developing Kid-Friendly Social Gaming Experiences

Speaker: Carla Engelbrecht Fisher (Columbia University)

Scoring Hell: How We Created the Score for EA's Dante's Inferno from Inception to Final Implementation
Speakers: Garry Schyman (GSP), Paul Gorman (Electronic Arts)