January Cover Revealed

by Joe Juba on Dec 08, 2009 at 04:00 AM

Game Informer’s January cover story explores the cold and terrifying corners of space with EA and Visceral Games’ Dead Space 2.

After the success of the original Dead Space, gamers have been waiting patiently for a sequel to continue the series’ unique blend of horror and dismemberment-focused gunplay. Electronic Arts finally made the official announcement of Dead Space 2, and we go in-depth with 10 pages of exclusive details on what awaits Isaac Clarke in his new battle against the vicious necromorphs.

While you’re waiting for your issue, be sure to check out our Dead Space 2 hub for features that will refresh your memory on the lore of the Dead Space universe and provide insight into the development team’s horror inspirations. As the month goes on, we’ll add new features that delve deeper into the characters and gameplay, giving you a complete picture of how the team at Visceral Games is evolving the concept of interactive horror.

Here's the front cover:

And here's the full front-and-back spread: