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UPDATE: Silent Hill Composer Leaves Konami?

by Tim Turi on Dec 02, 2009 at 06:45 AM

UPDATE: Akira Yamaoka himself has confirmed with OCV his previously rumored departure from Konami. We wish the musician the best in his future (hopefully horror-related) endeavors.

ORIGINAL STORY: If you’re a fan of Konami’s seminal horror series, Silent Hill, then you're no doubt familiar with the eerie, mood-setting music that proliferate the games. Akira Yamaoka, the man responsible for composing the unsettling tunes, is rumored to have left Konami after 16 years with the company.

According to Aeropause, Yamaoka opted to leave the company instead of transferring to a different international division. The report also indicates that he’s likely taking a vacation after his departure. We hope he doesn’t try any foggy, secluded resort towns.

With the quality of the Silent Hill series slipping as the years pass, Konami desperately needs to retain every facet that makes the series infamously frightening. Unfortunately for Konami, Yamaoka was one such asset, and if the rumor of his departure is true then series’ fate may become even more dire.

We've contacted Konami for confirmation.