FIFA 10 Gets Ultimate Team Download

by Matthew Kato on Dec 01, 2009 at 05:15 AM

Last year EA Sports offered Ultimate Team mode as a post-release download for FIFA 09, and now it's coming to FIFA 10. The card-based team building game will be available as a download sometime in February.

The Ultimate Team mode lets you build up your squad by acquiring players, managers, contract, trainers, kits, tactics cards (and many more varieties) and playing them against others in online tourneys. Managing your team via your deck is key, and this year's version of the mode lets you manage multiple squads, so you can try out different strategies with different decks. It sounds like EA is going to cater to this functionality through various tournaments and competitions with different requirements.

Another new feature for Ultimate Team mode is a redesigned chemistry system between players on the pitch. Details on this aspect of the mode are scarce, but we expect you'll get bonuses for pairing players who play on the same club or national team.

FIFA 10's Ultimate Team mode will be available in February for $4.99 on PlayStation Network or 400 Microsoft Points for Xbox Live.

Did you play the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 09? Any thing you want to see change for the mode in FIFA 10?