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Editors Sound Off On Top 200 Games

by Jeff Cork on Nov 25, 2009 at 09:23 AM

With our 200th issue, we decided to look back at the history of gaming. Since we’re gluttons for punishment (and meetings), we compiled a list of the Top 200 games of all time. As you can imagine, it’s generated its share of discussions and controversy. Several of our editors have made blog posts that are at least peripherally related to the list, and we thought it would be fun to compile these into one central hub.

If you’re wondering just how we came up with such a massive list, Reiner explains it all. (It’s a bit more involved than coming up with random titles and throwing darts, in case you’re curious.) He's also put up his Top 10 games of all time list for all to see.

Andy Mac has a pair of posts, first outlining his thoughts on the list and then following up with his Top 11 games. (Apparently his picks are so powerful that a mere Top 10 wasn’t adequate.)

Tim, Ben, and Annette took this as an opportunity to write about some of their favorite games that didn’t make the cut for various reasons. Oddly enough, both Tim and Annette have a common denominator in Banjo-Kazooie. (Ben is doing his own thing, as usual.) I took a similar approach, naming four games that I would have put in there, along with the games that they could have replaced. Dan's compiled a list of his favorite games, with the explicit qualifier that these are not "the best." Ever the underachiever, Jeff Marchiafava lists his three favorite games that didn’t make the cut. Also, some guy named Sean has posted a list. He claims he works here. Who knew?

Miller’s interest in downloadable games bled over from his Impulse column. He’s listed his Top 10 downloadable console games. (Believe it or not, Space Giraffe didn’t make the list. Maybe next time.)

If you thought our list didn’t contain enough classic PC titles, you’re not alone. Adam has compiled a list of what he calls the most “egregious snubs” for your reading pleasure. Tell us how you really feel, Adam.

Kato saw the process of compiling Game Informer's Top 200 video games as a walk through the past. In his blog he shares personal memories he had about some of the world's greatest video games. Nick took a similar angle, sharing five of the game’s that he says he’s played the most. Not one to be outdone, Bertz compiles a list of 10 games he's spent the most time with. (Don't let "sucks" throw you off; these are good games.)

Just because a game is great, that doesn't mean it's without flaws. Joe's blog shows off how players can deviously exploit the mechanics built into one of the best RPGs of all time.

Finally, Bryan ruins it all with his baseless claims that Super Mario World is superior to Super Mario Bros. 3. (Be sure to leave comments on his outrageous lies.)