Celebrate Killzone's 5th Birthday With Double XP

by Tim Turi on Nov 24, 2009 at 05:26 AM

Killzone 2’s older brother is turning five-years-old on November 26, and developer Guerilla isn’t about to let the event go unnoticed. In celebration, Guerilla is treating PS3 owners still fighting the good fight on planet Helghan to a plethora of reminiscent tributes including everything from retrospectives of the original to a “Double XP Weekend.”

To start things off, Guerilla developers Seb Downie and Eric Boltjes will be playing through the original Killzone while adding their own witty commentary. It will definitely be interesting to hear what the duo thought did and did not work with the original game.

Killzone 2 players will also be free to engage in a “retro” tournament, featuring the Beach Head and Southern Hills maps from the original Killzone. Do you remember how ridiculous of a lag-fest the original Killzone was? Playing these maps should encourage you to not take the wonders of modern online gaming for granted.

Double XP is rife for the taking starting November 27-30, the perfect remedy for recovering from your turkey-coma. If I had received double XP for three days after my fifth birthday, I’d have already been level 54 a year ago. Get it while the getting’s good.

To bring the festivities back around full circle, Killzone.com editor Victor Zuylen will be doing an altogether unfair comparison of Killzone and Killzone 2’s features. If you ever want to make yourself feel really good about your new game, go ahead and compare it to a game that’s five-years-old. Instant ego boost.

Anybody going to partake in the celebration by playing the original in its entirety? Anybody still playing Killzone 2?