Third Developer Working On Call of Duty Series, MMO Coming?

by Tim Turi on Nov 18, 2009 at 07:35 AM

It’s obvious that the Call of Duty name sells. Activision is definitely not oblivious to this, and the company has added a third developer to the cycle of studios churning out the FPS goldmines.

In a recent report from The Los Angeles Times, reporter Ben Fritz writes that the company has “aggressive  expansion plans” for the Call of Duty name. This is obviously where the addition to the Infinity Ward and Treyarch team comes into play. Whether this means we’ll be seeing more than one CoD game a year or it simply means developers will spend more time on a given title still remains to be heard. The report also makes mention of a source close to Activision hinting at a Call of Duty MMO.

I understand you’re likely still digesting the substantial content of Modern Warfare 2, and this news may be a lot to swallow already. We've contacted Activision for comment.

Anybody looking forward to having the Call of Duty production rate inch closer to that of Guitar Hero?