Bulldog Displays Laser Precision Needed To Play Tony Hawk: Ride

by Tim Turi on Nov 18, 2009 at 12:45 PM

Is your household canine growing tired of chew toys and going for walks? Have $120 handy? You're in luck, because judging by tillmanskateboarding's YouTube video dogs not only excel at Activision's new peripheral-based skateboarding game, they also love it.

Just in case you're still trying to process what you witnessed 43 seconds in, it is, in fact, a dog doing something you'll never be able to on a fake skateboard. Judging by our experience with the game, that trick should have actually registered as a manual.

Keep in mind, our Tony Hawk: Ride review was reviewed for humans only. Arthur, the office dog-mascot, is out with a nasty snowboarding injury from last season.