PSP Expands Ad-Hoc Online Play

by Matthew Kato on Nov 13, 2009 at 08:28 AM

Sony is expanding the Ad Hoc functionality of the PSP handheld with Ad Hoc Party, a free service that connects your PSP with your PS3 in order to broaden the reach of your PSP's Ad Hoc range. Ad Hoc Party is already out in Japan, and although Sony has just announced the service here in America, no actual launch date is set.

Normal Ad Hoc play for the PSP enables you to play with another PSP player only in your immediate vicinity. Ad Hoc Party hooks your PSP and PS3 together and lets you play over the Internet – including voice chat if you have a bluetooth headset – with the PS3 acting as a server putting you in touch with players all over the globe. The feature, of course, requires that your PS3 is hooked up online and your PSP is in wi-fi connection distance to your PS3.

The PSP Go might have sold like a used sandwich, but it's good to see Sony not abandon the PSP brand in general, and it continues to roll out new features for the handheld. What do you think of Ad Hoc play? Would you use it? Also, what do you think of the interplay between the PSP and PS3?