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Hotel Dusk Sequel Coming Next Year?

by Annette Gonzalez on Nov 12, 2009 at 05:59 AM

Though there are no verified details as of now, retail listings have been leaked online for two Nintendo games: a sequel to Hotel Dusk and Dynamic Zan, both set for release Q1 2010 in Japan.

According to the Sinobi blog, Last Window: Mayonaka no Yakusoku (Last Window: Midnight Promise) is the follow-up to CING’s DS adventure game Hotel Dusk: Room 215. Hotel Dusk followed a former police officer who wanted to solve the mystery behind a Los Angeles hotel during the late 70s. According to Sinobi the sequel will be released January 14 on the DS. No gameplay details have surfaced.

Zangeki no Regenleiv is a Wii title that fell off the radar after it was revealed just over a year ago as Dynamic Zan. It’s backed by developer Sandlot and will include online play for up to four players when it drops February 11th in Japan.

Though this is all speculation, these images do look pretty legit.