Gran Turismo 5 Release Date Up In the Air?

by Matthew Kato on Nov 09, 2009 at 06:02 AM

Gran Turismo 5 is almost here, but how much longer will we have to wait? Developer Polyphony Digital announced the game's March Japanese release date, but nothing has been decided yet regarding America. In an interview with, series master Kazunori Yamauchi divulged that the U.S. date won't be finalized until Sony of America figures out the game's marketing plan. While this isn't anything unusual, it could mean that we'll all have to wait a little longer to get our hands on this $60 million dollar title that's taken five years to complete. That being said, Yamauchi did say that he expects GT 6 to not take nearly as long to release since it'll be based on the tech from GT 5.

We'll have to see if GT 5 is worth the wait, but at this point, waiting a few extra weeks or even months won't be too hard to stomach.

Update: We contacted Sony Computer Entertainment of America about a U.S. release date, but they said nothing's been finalized just yet.