Activision Trademarks Drum Hero

by Bryan Vore on Nov 09, 2009 at 05:45 AM

On October 30, Activision filed a trademark for Drum Hero that applies to “toys, hand-held games with liquid crystal displays, musical toys; action figures and accessories therefor; arcade games; coin-operated video games; electric action toys; handheld unit for playing electronic video games; electronic toy drums.”

It seems strange to base an entire game around one instrument when Guitar Hero had gone full band along with prime competitor Rock Band. Of course, DJ Hero is focused around one instrument, but that’s an entirely new way to play. Most likely Activision is just making sure it has its bases covered so some other company doesn’t swoop in and try to use the “hero” brand to pimp a drum-specific game. After all, Activision already trademarked Drum Villain a couple of years ago and we haven’t seen that game yet.

What do you think? Will Drum Hero actually turn into a real game?