Carmack Says Rage Dedicated Servers Unlikely

by Bryan Vore on Nov 05, 2009 at 11:45 AM

Instead of waiting until just before release to reveal that Rage will not feature dedicated servers for multiplayer on PC, id Software is letting the cat out of the bag early. According to Variety’s Cut Scene blog, id co-founder and engine mastermind John Carmack says they’re leaning towards not supporting the feature.

“It’s not cast in stone yet, but at this point no, we don’t think we will have dedicated servers,” Carmack says.

Infinity Ward is catching quite a bit of flak from PC players frustrated with the company’s decision not to use dedicated servers with Modern Warfare 2, but Carmack hopes most of the hate will be spent by the time Rage comes out (hopefully next year).

“The great thing is we won’t have to be a pioneer on that. We’ll see how it works out for everyone else,” Carmack says.

What do you think about id's choice in the dedicated server debate? Will announcing early help or hurt the backlash?