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British Sci-Fi Author Consulting With EA

by Joe Juba on Nov 04, 2009 at 08:50 AM

Science Fiction author Richard K. Morgan revealed that he is currently collaborating with Electronic Arts on three distinct projects. Morgan is best known for the books Altered Carbon and Thirteen (which won the Philip K. Dick award and Arthur C. Clarke award, respectively). According to Morgan’s blog, the deal went down like this:

About a year ago, and out of the blue, I got an e-mail from one John Miles, an enforcer (okay, not really) for the British arm of EA Games. He had a proposition for me, was I interested? Interested, of course, was putting it mildly. Video gaming is the only thing in my life that I would fully qualify as an addiction… Talk about your offers you can't refuse. That was a year ago. Now, without breaking any Non-Disclosure Agreements, I can cautiously reveal that I've been pulled in to consult on three separate games…

The big question is: What projects is Morgan working on? The rumor mill indicates that EA has a new Dead Space on the way next year, so that’s a likely candidate. As for the other two…well, we’ll just have to wait and see. Maybe next year’s Madden will be taking an unexpected cyberpunk twist.

So, have any of you read anything by Richard K. Morgan? I’d never even heard of the guy before today, but if he is working on a new Dead Space, I hope he’s got some chops.

(via Kotaku)