Frogger Returns in...Frogger Returns

by Joe Juba on Oct 27, 2009 at 11:35 AM

Frogger was one of the industry greats back in his day, but Konami’s fate-tempting amphibian hasn’t had the most sterling record in recent years. Hoping to re-ignite the spark of Frogger’s classic appeal – doused by years of ports and platforming – Konami has announced that the hazard-hopping hero will be returning with a new game on WiiWare and PlayStation Network.

Dubbed Frogger Returns, the game will use the classic gameplay style of the original arcade game, with graphical enhancements and new modes accompanying your attempts to not get flattened. Frogger will also have access to power-ups (like invincibility and freezing time) to ease his journey toward safety. Konami hasn’t revealed a specific release date, but you can expect to see Frogger Returns available later this fall.

In a way, it’s too bad that this announcement follows so closely after Nintendo’s announcement of Excitebike: World Rally. We like old-school Frogger, but when it comes to the revival of timeless franchises, we’d rather be a part of fast-moving traffic than try to avoid it.