Molyneux Confirms Natal, Microtransaction Support In Fable 3

by Jeff Cork on Oct 22, 2009 at 05:06 AM

Speaking at a British Academy of Film and Television Arts lecture, Lionhead Studios’ Peter Molyneux used the opportunity to reveal a few new tidbits about his upcoming Fable 3. First, the game will incorporate Microsoft’s Project Natal technology in some form. Considering his enthusiastic support for the camera technology—and his Milo demo at E3—the move wasn’t much of a surprise. As the Guardian reported, Molyneux said during his talk that Natal has given him a chance to approach game design with a fresh start.

Next, he mentioned that Fable 3 would have in-game stores that would allow players to purchase items and travel to new lands by using Microsoft Points. Such microtransactions are nothing new, but having them available without having to navigate to the Xbox Marketplace or a store within an options menu is definitely a different approach.

Some players resent DLC enough already, and we expect this move to set them over the edge. Perhaps Natal will be able to sense angry fist-waving from people who think the idea of paying for make-believe items is outrageous. (Of course, such transactions are likely to be optional…)