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Valve Scrounges Up New L4D2 Multiplayer Mode

by Jeff Cork on Oct 08, 2009 at 03:35 AM

Valve revealed a new multiplayer mode for its upcoming Left 4 Dead 2, and those who were expecting something along the lines of a “Capture the Forearm” or “King of the Spleen” are bound to be surprised. Scavenge mode lets up to eight players work in teams of Survivors or Infected in a race against time and the undead.

The Survivors have to scour maps for hidden gas cans, which are used to refuel a generator. The team earns a point for each can of fuel they scavenge (aha!), as well as some extra time on the clock. Of course, this being Left 4 Dead, it’s not just a simple treasure hunt. As Survivors do their best to restart the power supply, players on the Infected team have to do their best to sabotage those efforts. Working alongside AI-controlled Infected, they can stop the Survivors by destroying the gas cans, running out the clock or by, well, killing them.

It definitely sounds like an interesting mode. Survivors who have enjoyed cheesing the multiplayer in the first game are in for a beating. Sticking in one spot might be a great way to stay alive, but nobody can beat the clock...