Former Halo Developers Form Moonshot Games

by Tim Turi on Oct 07, 2009 at 01:45 PM

Three former Bungie developers have joined forces to create a new game studio. Moonshot Games founders Michel Bastien, Damián Isla, and Rob Stokes all have experience working on the legendary Halo series. The dream team is now turning their attention to the digital pastures.

The main focus of Moonshot Games is to utilize Bastien, Isla, and Stokes' talents developing AAA for the downloadable front. According to the press release, "stars need not be limited to multimillion-dollar projects supported by armies of ground crew. There is a place in history for that small, nimble craft, built smartly on a modest budget, and piloted by expert hands."

It sounds like the guys at Moonshot have their hearts in the right place. The world is ready for more stellar downloadable titles.