Call Of Duty Film Trademark Filed By Activision

by Tim Turi on Oct 06, 2009 at 06:36 AM

If you had a chance to catch the most recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 trailer, then you noticed the game has more in common with a blockbuster Hollywood movie than a triple-A video game. Activision seems to have noticed the property's potential for cinema adaptation as well, since the company filed to protect the Call of Duty movie trademark in late September.

The media which falls under the blanket of the trademark include “pre-recorded movies featuring comedy, drama, action, adventure, music, theatrical performances and/or animation." This news follows murmurings in May that Call of Duty's big-screen debut was being discussed. The evidence continues to point towards a CoD-flavored trip down the warpath, with only the questions of "when" and "who" being left unanswered.

If a Call of Duty movie does indeed come to fruition, what era would you like to see it take place in? World War II or modern times? I don't care either way, as long as we don't hear Mark Wahlberg shout "UAV is standing by." Ever.