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Matt Hazard Returns For The Umpteenth Time

by Meagan Marie on Oct 06, 2009 at 07:42 AM

Matt Hazard has a long and sordid history as a video-game icon. Funny thing though, it’s all fiction. Introduced in Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, the action star’s fake exploits are developed enough to almost believe them true. This guy has been through the wringer.

But not to worry. Hazard is back on top. Or somewhere in proximity of it. As we said in our review, “Humor covers a multitude of sins.”

Evidently Hazard is ready for a new adventure. D3Publisher announced today Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond. In development by Vicious Cycle, BB&B will return Hazard to his 8-bit roots for some side-scrolling shooter action. The game aims to relive some of the most violent moments in Hazard’s history as he takes on a catalogue of “classic” foes. Front and center is General Neutronov, the villain responsible for the influx of revived baddies. Neutronov’s goal is to eliminate a younger Hazard so as to undo all the instances that his plans were foiled by the action hero. Environments are promised to include pirate hideouts, a Japanese castle, the old west and even the moon. Hazard’s been everywhere, man…

Interested in learning more about Blood Bath and Beyond? Hazard is a very hands-on character. D3Publisher directs fans to his personal Facebook page for more details. 

Blood Bath and Beyond is slated to hit XBLA and PSN this winter.