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“Epic” November Issue Revealed

by Andy McNamara on Oct 05, 2009 at 05:12 AM


The rumors have been flying for months. From the outrageous (some actually thought we were bought by Disney, which was quite funny), to the right on (our forums pieced together all the clues from the last issue), the time has come to lay all rumors to rest. The November cover is indeed, Disney Epic Mickey, coming exclusively to the Nintendo Wii, from Junction Point and Disney Interactive Studios.



This issue is the first of our highly anticipated redesign that subscribers should be receiving around October 12th.


There are a number of other highlights, including a Skate 3 first-look, an in-depth, seven-page report on the relationship between Hollywood and video games, interviews with executives from all three console manufacturers, and much, much more.


But the biggest news is our expanded coverage online that is available to all visitors. Starting at 4PM CST today we will unveil the first companion piece to the magazine: an exclusive video interview with Warren Spector about his relationship with Mickey Mouse, including a portion of his giant Disney memorabilia collection that is housed at Junction Point. We will also have a photo-blog chronicling many of the outstanding pieces in his collection hitting at the same time.


This is just the beginning of our month of Mickey madness that will unfold over the next three plus weeks.  So be sure to watch our Disney Epic Mickey landing page over the following month.


We don’t want to spoil what’s to come, but we have some amazing things in store, including screenshots, animations, and tons of concept art and music.


Watch for the issue in your mailbox over the coming weeks and make sure to come to for the latest updates and news.


Oh yeah, and one last thing. All GI covers from here on out will feature a full wrap-around cover. Here is the Mickey cover in all its glory. The best part, and the reason we switched to these, is that the subscriber address label and the UPC will be on the back so it no longer clashes with our wonderful cover art.