The Incredibly Questionable Palin-Signed 360 Is Back On eBay

by Dan Ryckert on Oct 03, 2009 at 05:33 AM

Anyone with even minor knowledge of eBay should find plenty about this auction to warrant raising an eyebrow. You may have heard about the Canadian who (for reasons that escape most of us) brought an Xbox 360 to a Sarah Palin event and managed to get her autograph on the console. While the chances of the auction being real are slightly higher than the chances of Palin knowing what an Xbox is, there are many factors involving this eBay listing that make a sale doubtful.

First and foremost, seller "dmorrill321" has listed a cool $1.1 million for the system's starting bid. Considering eBay sales that reach above the seven digit level are usually restricted to insane items like the General Lee, it's probably not the most reasonable price to start at. Adding to the sketch factor is the fact that this same item has been de-listed from the site twice for unknown reasons. Some have speculated that it was due to a misspelling of Sarah's first name on the autograph, but this new auction claims it was because of "insufficient description of the item or no pictures of the item" the first time, and the second time was due to the item price being higher than what PayPal can handle. Seemingly hell-bent on selling this thing for no less than $1.1 million, the auction is officially back up.

There's no telling if eBay will actually allow the listing to see its completion this time, or if it will once again be yanked from the site. In what is most likely the biggest red flag regarding the auction, dmorrill321 has a zero feedback rating. I know I bat an eye if I'm looking for a $12 copy of Shadow of the Colossus and the seller has anything less than a 90% rating, so it's hard to imagine many eBay users taking this drastic leap of faith for such a questionable (and frankly, confusing) auction.