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TGS 09: Natal Demonstrated with Beautiful Katamari

by Tim Turi on Sep 25, 2009 at 09:06 AM

While there are no announced plans to turn them into actual Natal games, project director Kudo Tsunoda used Beautiful Katamari as tech demos for the new peripheral's capabilities. In closed-door demos at Tokyo Game Show, Tsunoda displayed once again that the Natal technology does in fact work as advertised.

In the Katamari demo, players can move the ball by simply outstretching his arms and turning their hands to change direction. Players can perform the 180-degree quick turn by raising both of their hands above their heads. It was a simple demo (the ball constantly moved forward), but it did show off the technology. We got our hands on it (or at least waved them around nearby), and it was an interesting experience. Katamari wasn’t quite as responsive as previous Burnout Paradise demos, but it did highlight Microsoft’s continued commitment towards courting Japanese developers. (We’d be a little worried if not for the fact that Burnout and the other demo games control so well. Maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised if a ball of garbage handles as well as it sounds.)

It seems that every public demonstration of Natal has been completed without a hitch (except for an infamous Avatar shoe), whether it be E3, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, or TGS. No completed games have been shown off as of yet, but Microsoft has to be pleased with how smooth these public demonstrations have gone thus far.