Supposedly Leaked Sega Documents Hint at Dreamcast, PS2 Games, Imports on PSN and More

by Tim Turi on Sep 22, 2009 at 07:20 AM

Every once in a while, a game publisher has a leak of truly epic proportions. In recent years we’ve seen this happen from time to time with Microsoft, Sony, Activision, and more. Today Sega joins the party. An enterprising member of the NeoGAF forums stumbled onto a document on Sega’s PR site titled “SCEA Meeting Aug 5th Notes.”

So what information is contained in this strange document? Here are some highlights:

  • Japanese games that are not planned for a Western localization could be released in a special “Import” section of the PlayStation Store.
  • There could be a special Sonic Anniversary Collection that pulls together all the old Sonic games onto a single Blu-ray disc. The price thrown around at the meeting for this collection was $99.
  • As has long been rumored, Sony is apparently interested in getting their PlayStation 2 catalog up for download on PSN. Perhaps more surprisingly, they also want to work with Sega to get Dreamcast titles on PSN, offering more marketing support if they can get the titles exclusive for a long period on PSN.
  • Sony’s motion controller is planned for a Spring 2010 launch.
  • One Sony product evaluator felt that Alpha Protocol was not enough of an RPG compared to Mass Effect and that its first level was too difficult.
  • Bayonetta will have a collector’s edition with a Bayonetta action figure. Sony suggested a PSN demo around Christmas with the game launching on January 5.
  • A new Sonic Racing game is in the works and may have DLC or unique characters to differentiate the PS3 version from other SKUs. Ratchet and Clank will not be among the unique playable characters.
  • Popular Sega-developed movie IPs are likely candidates for new spaces in Home, including Alien vs. Predator and Iron Man.
  • An as-far-as-we-can-tell unannounced Sega game titled “Vanquish” is brought up alongside Aliens: Colonial Marines as a game that could be good for PS3/PSP interoperability.

Phew. And that’s seriously not even everything. For the full list directly from the leaked document, check out the thread on NeoGAF.

Now it’s important to take all of this with a huge grain of salt. Not only has none of this been confirmed as official, but it’s all from a behind-closed-doors meeting between two publishers where they likely bounced a lot of possibilities back and forth. Just because Sony has an idea about something cool they could do with Sega games or vice versa doesn’t mean that idea will ever come to fruition.

That said, yes, please, on the downloadable Dreamcast titles.

We’ve contacted Sega regarding the leak and have yet to hear back.