Holland Retailer Leads Charge Against PSPgo

by Annette Gonzalez on Sep 16, 2009 at 09:48 AM

The PSPgo has been met with mixed reactions from industry folks everywhere. From irked UK shop keeps to pessimistic analysts, Sony's digitally driven game machine just can't seem to catch a break. Next up to have a go at the PSPgo dunk-tank is Nedgame.

Nedgame is Holland's largest specialty retailer and isn't keen on Sony's handheld. The retailer takes issue with the PSPgo's $249.99 price tag, which is $80 more than the PSP-3000. Nedgame doesn't think the high asking price is justified, pointing to the reduced screen size as an example. Sony selling a gaming device at higher than average price? Poppycock.

The Holland retail chain also picks the digital distribution-retail relationship scab. Because the PSPgo is without physical media to sell on store shelves, retailers are only able to sell the system itself. Most of the money to be had in video game peddling lies in the moving of games, not systems. Nedgame also takes issue with a monopoly that they perceive Sony is creating with PSPgo software.

Thus Nedgame falls in line with the other retailers who have sour feelings towards Sony's tiny game machine. When will the digital device win over the hearts of the masses? At this rate, will anyone be able to find one come October? Certainly, our Dutch friends will be out of luck should they stop by their local Nedgame.

We've contacted Sony about Nedgame's reaction and are awating a response.