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Super Replay – Killer7 Bonus Episode Featuing Suda51

by Suriel Vazquez on Jun 03, 2018 at 12:00 AM

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At the end of our Replay Civil War, it all came down to you to choose the next Super Replay! Our Overblood Facebook group ended up choosing two games through a tie: Killer7 and Godhand.

You chose well. Killer7 is my favorite game of all time, for reasons I will fully elaborate on in the near future. The short version, however, it's that it's the closest video games have gotten to being a David Lynch film. It benefits from being played alone in near silence, so you can fully process its wild, surreal moments, cool characters, and ambiguous plot.

In fitting with its themes, we decided to take Killer7 very seriously, as Andrew Reiner, Joe Juba, Leo Vader, and I focus only an the artistry of Killer7 and never talk about anything else and make absolutely zero jokes. Enjoy!

Ep 1: What's On That Shirt?
Ep 2: A Personal Joe Juba
Ep 3: Top Five Dissections
Ep 4: Dat Backside Smile
Ep 5: The Potato Episode
Ep 6: Meatloaf Drive-Thru
Ep 7: Good Jokes
Ep 8: The World's Greatest Anagram
Ep 9: Joe Rogan's Mutant Abilities
Ep 10: Right in the Reiner
Ep 11: Mister Perfect
Ep 12: Hours To Live
Ep 13: Finale
Bonus Episode with Suda51


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