Saints Row 2 Joins Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

by Imran Khan on May 01, 2018 at 03:57 PM

Another game joins the Xbox 360 on Xbox One backwards compatibility list today and it's an action-packed choice. THQ's Saints Row 2 arrives on the digital service as of this morning.

The 2008 open world game was a revelation at the time in that the single-player story allowed full campaign co-op, which is still available in the backwards compatible version. A lot of Saints Row fans prefer the first and second game to the third and fourth, which are considered by some to be too extreme and wacky.

As always with Xbox One backwards compatible games, you can either use the original disc or buy the game on the Xbox One store. Either way, the game downloads a copy to your harddrive, so an online connection is required to get it either way.