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New Gameplay Today – Detroit: Become Human

by Jeff Cork on Apr 24, 2018 at 01:50 PM

A demo for Quantic Dream's latest game, Detroit: Become Human, dropped on the PlayStation Store today, which gave us an excuse to sit in the studio and talk about it. Join Kim, Hanson, and me as I do my best to help solve a tense hostage standoff. Without spoiling anything, don't get too emotionally invested in our android hero, Connor. 

Detroit is similar to Quantic Dream's past games, in that players are able to steer the direction of the story through the decisions they make along the way. What sets it apart from Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls is how it surfaces those outcomes to players, pulling back the curtain and revealing the various ways that each chapter in the larger narrative could have played out. As you can see in the episode below, I opted to completely blow it.  

For more on Detroit: Become Human, be sure to check out Kim's impressions based on her two hours of hands-on time with it.