Science-Fiction Weekly – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, The Meg, Future World, Dune, Incredibles 2

by Andrew Reiner on Apr 17, 2018 at 04:10 PM

A new trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is on the way tomorrow, but you can get a taste of it now in a new teaser that shows off several new shots. From the raptor in the house to a new surfing clip, I get the feeling that all hell is breaking loose in this sequel. These images are backed up by the line "These creatures were here before us, and if we're not careful, they're gonna be here after." Say what you will about the director and writer, but I think this film looks like it's going to be great fun. I just wanted this series to move away from the theme park hook, and it looks like that's what we're getting. You can watch the teaser below, and make sure you keep your eyes peeled to the internet for the next trailer tomorrow.

If you like that surfing shot, Warner Bros. Pictures is making an entire movie with moments just like it. Theatergoers will get to see a Megalodon terrorize the vacation location in the film The Meg, which is adapted from Steven Alten's amazing novel, Meg. Yes, this movie is just like Jaws, but with a beast that is considerably larger. The scary thing: This is how big the Megalodon actually was. The Meg opens in theaters on August 10, is directed by Jon Turteltaub, and stars Jason Statham, Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, and Ruby Rose. This film doesn't offer any sci-fi hooks like the Jurassic movies, but I figured they go together well, and you wouldn't mind seeing a trailer for another big-budget dinosaur film.

I often don't read too much into trailers (as I've seen many great films that had terrible trailers), but my first thought on Future World is it looks like it could be one of the worst films ever. With James Franco, Milla Jovovich, and Lucy Liu, Future World has plenty of star power, but their roles almost come off as comedic in this trailer. Following up Mad Max: Fury Road is a tough act, and adding a female robot to the dried-up world plot line may not be the answer. Again, it's just a trailer. Take a look below:

I can't think of a better way to end a run of trailers than with a new look at Incredibles 2, due out June 15. If you don't want this one spoiled for you, steer clear of this trailer, as it outlines the plot and gives us a good look at who we believe is the central villain in this new story. Incredibles was one of the best superhero films when it launched. Now Marvel is pumping out excellent superhero films every few months. Will Incredibles still have the same allure and impact in the sea of similar films? We'll have to wait to see. I have faith in Pixar to make another fun adventure for this wild family, but topping (or even matching) Marvel's action will be tough. It may lose out there.

Frank Herbert's Dune novels have been adapted to film and TV. None of the attempts have truly captured Herbert's stories. Director Denis Villeneuve believes he is the man to truly embrace Herbert's vision. Villeneuve, who is coming off of the fantastic Blade Runner 2049, plans to create at least two films based off of Dune. In an interview with Variety, Villeneuve said "When I saw [David Lynch's] adaptation, I was impressed, but it was not what I had dreamed of, so I’m trying to make the adaptation of my dreams. It will not have any link with the David Lynch movie. I'm going back to the book, and going to the images that came out when I read it." That's the right call, but no matter how great he makes it, Dune is going to be a tough sell for theatergoers. They didn't flock to theaters for Blade Runner, and I doubt they will for Dune.

That's it for this week, folks. Not much brewing on the game front, but be sure to keep an eye on our Spider-Man coverage for new details for Insomniac's new superhero game, due out on September 7.