Overwatch League

Overwatch League Interview – Profit, Offense For London Spitfire

by Andrew Reiner on Apr 13, 2018 at 09:44 AM

Jun-Young “Profit” Park first made a name for himself in Overwatch League by getting fined for flipping the middle finger to a live camera. The offensive gesture was meant as a playful jab to his teammates and coaches in the dugout, but was broadcast to everyone watching online and in the arena. Profit has overcome this embarrassing moment with high level play. His pinpoint accuracy with McCree, and timely Junkrat Rip-Tire usage are a huge part of why London Spitfire are one of the league's best teams. We chatted with Park briefly about his time in the league, and what we can expect to see in Stage 3 and 4.

When did you realize Overwatch was a game you had a chance to play professionally?
I started playing Overwatch with my friends, and I eventually got really high in the matchmaking community. That’s when I knew I could possibly go pro.

At that time, were you looking at doing anything else with your life for a job or school?
I didn’t have that much of a plan. I just wanted to go to college first, and then figure things out.

Talk to me about the pressure of walking onto stage to compete in front of a live audience?
For my first game, I was really nervous going in. I don’t think I was able to perform like I did in practice. That’s probably why we ended up losing.

Does the live crowd affect your play?
It does for me. When we are losing, it is definitely is a kill factor.

In joining the league, you had to move to America. How are you settling in?
First of all, the air is a lot cleaner here than in Korea, mainly due to the yellow dust. There’s a desert in China that picks up all of these pollutants in the air and the wind blows it down to South Korea, so it’s super polluted. So the air is super clear, and the food – I don’t like all of it – but the stuff I like, I really like. There’s a lot of stuff to see around the city as well.

Do the London Spitfire players all live in one house or do you have apartments?
We have apartments with four players in each room, but we planning to move soon to a house.

The Spitfire have been one of the best teams in the League. You won Stage 1, and came close to winning stage 2. With the game changing slightly again, what can we expect from the team in Stage 3?
So Sombra is really strong right now. Because of that, I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Moira and Zenyatta.

Will Brigitte be a hero we might see in Stage 4?
Yes, she will be in Stage 4.

Talk to me about your style of play. Are the heroes you enjoy playing the ones you use in competition?
I enjoy playing Zenyatta and D.Va, but these are obviously heroes that don’t pertain to my main role of DPS.

Any chance you’ll play these heroes in the matches, or are you locked in as DPS?
Maybe D.Va at some point. If I play Zenyatta, our healers will probably lose their jobs. [laughs]

In terms of Spitfire’s style of play, is there a new hero you would like to see Blizzard add to the game? What would that hero specialize in?

A hero with a momentary invulnerability would be really cool.

When you aren’t playing Overwatch, what do you do in your spare time?
I like to play other games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite.

I assume you get a lot of chicken dinners.
No. Not very often. [laughs]