Science-Fiction Weekly – Breaking Down The New Solo Trailer

by Andrew Reiner on Apr 10, 2018 at 03:30 PM

I have a bad feeling about this film. Whenever a new Star Wars movie is on the verge of release, my levels of excitement rocket into the stratosphere. This isn't the case with Solo: A Star Wars Story. I want to see it, and I hope it's good, but I can't shake the feeling that it might be a mistake. I'm having problems pinpointing who it is for. Case in point: The final shot of the trailer shows Chewbacca in a life-or-death situation. The tension builds and builds and...oh come on...we know he's going to be fine. I'm also stressing Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo. Will I eventually open up to someone else stepping into his boots, or will I continually be thinking "that's not him" as I watch. Sigh. This film is stressing me out.

The trailer lightened my spirits a little. My concerns haven't diminished any after watching it, but I find myself eager to learn more about the side characters, locations, and scenarios that are teased. Below is a breakdown of the footage that was shown. I didn't spy any secrets, but there are a couple of touches that gamers and Star Wars fans alike will appreciate.

The trailer begins with a look at a darkened industrial city, believed to be Corellia, Han Solo's home planet.

This shot may be giving us our first look at the Corellian shipyards that have been mentioned in previous Star Wars stories. This shot shows what appears to be a Star Destroyer under construction.

A shot of Han on Corellia walking up to some people standing next to a fire that appears to be contained in the shell of an R2 unit. We've seen this somewhere before...

Perhaps the fire is a nod to LucasArts' cancelled game, 1313.

Female character Enfys Nest stands with her Cloud Riders gang, ready to confront Solo. Note her swoop bike (Shadows of the Empire, anyone?).

A closer look at Enfys and her peculiar weapon of choice. Fire, perhaps?

Lando Calrissian holding his own at the Sabaac taible withe the cast of The Little Mermaid. Note: That's Therm Scissorpunch directly to his left.

Solo and Chewbacca looking upon the Millennium Falcon for the first time?

Q'ira and Han catching up in a bar. They appear to have history.

This may be nothing, but we see Chewbacca carrying the bags for Han and Q'ira. Maybe a joke? Or maybe he's employed by Q'ira?

Han meets Tobias Beckett.

Han learns of a potentially life-changing job.

Ganster Dryden Vos, who will likely be a foil against Solo and crew. The scars on his face show he's been in a fight or two.

Han competing in a race on Corellia.

A cargo hauler taking flight with something (and some rival ships) in tow. We believe Han is piloting this vessel, likely part of the mission Tobias Beckett teased.

A mysterious ally named Val. Note the tube running up her arm.

A snow region and what appears to be a relatively primitive society.

Lando in a fur coat next to a rock wall. Perhaps the Kessel mine where Chewbacca is freed?

A droid named L3-37 (shudder) that appears to be Lando's. This is yet another droid that seems super useful, yet hasn't been seen in any Star Wars story since. I'm looking at you, K-2SO.

The Falcon with a much different front end.

Range Troopers! These newly designed Not Stormtroopers will look great on your shelves, toy collectors!

Beckett opening fire against the Range Troopers on an odd rotating train.

A beautiful shot of the Falcon heading to a new planet.

An Imperial AT-DT.

The 190-year-old Chewbacca saying goodbye to his wife Malla? Remember her from the Star Wars Holiday Special?

Vos wielding a strange new blade weapon. Maybe he made the cuts on his face with this thing?

More Not Strormtroopers. These Mudtroopers will look awesome on your shelves!

Chewbacca showing off his strength. We need more shots like this.

And less of Chewbacca in peril. We know everything is going to turn out fine. Maybe that's the message Lucasfilm is trying to instill in me. Don't worry about Solo. Everything will be just fine.