25 Wacky Things You Can Do In Far Cry 5

by Javy Gwaltney on Mar 26, 2018 at 05:05 AM

Far Cry 5 has branded itself as a brooding game, one that tackles the intersection between religion and American violence. In spite of that pitch, the game itself is more wacky than you'd probably expect. We got up to a lot of shenanigans running around Hope County. Here's some of the craziest stuff we saw and did.

Note: We won't be spoiling any major story beats from Far Cry 5 in this list but be aware we are talking about side mission content.

1. You can set a bear on fire and send them running into an outpost, mauling and lighting up any of your foes that get in its way.

2. Early on you get access to a big rig equipped with machineguns. You get to test said rig out, running down foes and blasting them to bits as you destroy road blocks put up by the cultists.

3. You can consume drugs to make your melee attacks strong enough to send enemies flying yards away.

4.  You can craft bait to attract drones that are basically mindless zombies, and sic them on foes.

5. While driving you can apparently hurl an empty can at professional baseball pitcher speeds through your windshield and shatter it. Because why not?

6. There's a surprisingly in-depth mission centered around bull testicles. We'll leave it at that.

7. One of your A.I. buddies is a cougar named Peaches. Why not reward her for slaying an entire outpost of fools from the shadows with a good-job pet?

8. There's a surprise waiting for anyone who climbs to the highest point on Far Cry 5's map. It's pointy and hurts a lot.

9. Use your flamethrower to set fire to a trailer park filled with mindless cultists while The Trammps' "Disco Inferno" blares in the background.

10. Spend thousands of dollars on various shades of camo outfits.

11. Shoot down a vulture to help a farmer recover a key that said bird has swallowed.

12. Unlock a ray gun. No, seriously.

13. Rig a cultist's car to explode next time the vehicle hits anything and then chase them along the highway, forcing them to hit a rail.

14. Likewise: you can rig your own car and then use it as an explosive battering ram, leaping out right before you vehicle reaches its target.

15. Kill a guy by hurling a shovel at his face.

16. Befriend a bear. Have your bear eat people's faces.

17. Kick a turkey to death. Sell its feathers on the black market. Feel slight guilt.

18. There's a skill tree (perk) option that lets you airdrop onto a location on the map.

19. Order your dog buddy to maul a dude and then bring you said dude's weapon.

20. Run headlong into an enemy's truck while driving an ATV, sending the truck sailing over you and into a tree.

21. Take on a biplane with a helicopter in a death-defying duel over mountain peaks.

22. Accidentally shoot your buddy riding shotgun with you in the head while trying to do a drive-by on a group of cultists.

23. Get bored and reenact scenes from Firewatch with the various lookout posts around Hope County.

24. Take a break from all the murderin' and mayhemin' to catch some sweet bass in a nearby lake.

25. Become an apex predator by hunting elk and bears with an aluminum bat.