The Sports Desk – Discussing MLB The Show 18's Road To The Show Mode

by Matthew Kato on Mar 12, 2018 at 03:00 PM

MLB the Show 18 developer Sony San Diego has released new info about the upcoming title's Road to the Show mode. The mode puts gamers in the shoes of a mid-level prospect for an MLB franchise who must work his way up into the big leagues – complete with a narrator telling your tale. Along the way, you may be moved to a new position, train with teammates, and interact with coaches via a conversation system.

The game features a new player archetype system and attribute caps, so naturally, we wonder how much freedom players will have to shape their characters compared to past years. Sony San Diego says you can change your player archetype if you move your position, which hopefully allows some flexibility in making your player more well-rounded if you want.

Watch Brian Shea and I discuss what's in the mode, where it could go, and what we hope gets addressed this year.

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