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Overwatch League Interview – SoOn, Offense For Los Angeles Valiant

by Andrew Reiner on Mar 01, 2018 at 09:35 AM

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Terence "SoOn" Tarlier is often the first person opposing team's see on the battlefield. He's proven to be a tremendous scout as Tracer, diving in and out of enemy ranks to deal damage and disrupt their strategies. I talked to Tarlier about his time in Overwatch League, the techniques he uses for Tracer, and what he thinks Blizzard needs to do to make Symmetra a hero that could be used in the league.

You were handed a tough loss from Seoul Dynasty in the first match of Stage 2. Walk me through that match. What did they do to seize control? Did they surprise you with their comp?

Absolutely not. I know they run dive with Lucio, especially Tobi who's insane on this hero. We lost because they played better and we needed more practice.

Fleta is one of Seoul’s difference makers. Did you anticipate he would switch to Reaper? That seemed to surprise a lot of viewers.

Against Korean teams, you can expect many heroes, so it was not a surprise to me. We just needed to adapt against this Reaper.

Due to the latest patch, we’re obviously seeing a lot less of Mercy in Stage 2. What else did you see in the opening matches that is different than Stage 1?

Tanks play differently because without Mercy to heal it's harder to not take too much damage.

Does Stage 2 bring any new challenges for a Tracer player?

Not really. A Tracer player depends on his playstyle and teammates.

Can you walk me through your strategy as Tracer? You seem to find unique positions to turn the tides of a fight.

I try to be like Striker, being free to do whatever i want and do the right decision at the right moment, play passive and focus tanks, focus tracer, or flank and annoy the enemy backlane.

How did you get involved in Overwatch League? Did you compete in any games prior to it?

I was playing ShootMania for years before Overwatch started. I gained a lot of experience and it helped me to be professional.

How is America treating you so far? Are you enjoying your time here? Sick of living with your teammates yet?

Being in America was a dream, and living on this country is just magic, but yeah, my girlfriend, family and friends miss me a lot. Living with my teammates help a bit to be motivated. I really enjoy my time here.

Can you walk me through what it’s like living at apartments and going to campus to play?

Living in a team house, for a young player it's awesome, but now I'm 24. We take an Uber to campus. Being with everyone in a room all day, and many small details make me tired really fast.

Who do you think the best player in the league is? And why?

It doesn't exist, because the skill-cap of this game is less important than teamplay.

Do you have a rival yet? Anyone that you find yourself going after first in a match?

Striker and SBB

What’s your favorite map for Tracer play? Why does she have an advantage on it?

Control maps, especially Lijiang, because there is a lot of small packs and way to flank.

I ask this to most players: What do you want to see from future updates in the game?

Rewards for top 1 or top 10 players, weapons skins, rare skins (90% of players have legendary skins), limited skins, better ranking system, better balance on heroes.

Is there anything Blizzard could do to make Symmetra a hero that would be used in Overwatch League?

Symmetra need to be able to heal to play this heroes, left+right click heal and damage at the same time maybe?

How do you feel about practicing with other teams – do you feel they hold back their real strategies?

It feels good to play against the best teams in the world. I think teams try some strategy sometimes

After your career in Overwatch League concludes, what do you see yourself doing in life?

Being a coach, manage a team, be with players in good or bad moments, help them to reach their objective is something I would like to.