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New Gameplay Today – Into The Breach

by Jeff Cork on Feb 26, 2018 at 09:01 AM

Subset Games made a name for itself with its first game, FTL: Faster Than Light. Its latest release, Into the Breach, proves that it wasn't a fluke. Matt Miller has been playing – and enjoying – the strategy game, which pits squads of mechs against kaiju-like monsters. Check out what he has to say in our latest episode of NGT.

As Miller explains at length, there's a lot of depth in Into the Breach that might not be immediately apparent. Fortunately, he's been able to play through the game multiple times and can articulate just some of its nuances to me and Leo. Don't worry, however. This is a game that involves huge robots slamming giant monsters into buildings, pushing them into the ocean, and generally ruining their monster lives. 

Into the Breach is coming to PC on February 27.