Voting For Your Favorite 300 Games Of All Time Is Closed

by Kyle Hilliard on Feb 22, 2018 at 04:30 PM

Update: Thanks to everyone who voted! The results will be online soon!

Original story:

We're coming up on the 300th issue of Game Informer magazine, and spoiler alert, it will feature our editor-selected top 300 games of all time. We're excited to share our list, but we want to know what a list made by our readers would look like!

To do that, we're taking your vote. Just make sure you're logged into your gameinformer.com account, and click the link below to tell us your favorite games of all time, and get your vote in my March 16!

To cast your vote click this link right here!

You can pick three games, and your vote will be weighted, so make sure you order your three appropriately. We did our best to put together a list covering every game we thought could be someone's favorite, but if your game is not showing up on the list, hold your vote and send me an e-mail (or bug me on twitter), and I will make sure it gets added.

We're excited to see what the reader list looks and we will share the results shortly after we reveal our 300th issue!