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Watch Our Complete Game Club Discussion On Monster Hunter: World

by Ben Hanson on Feb 19, 2018 at 01:00 PM

Update: With the latest episode of The GI Show, we concluded our GI Game Club discussion of Monster Hunter: World with the community. Thanks to everybody that played alongside us and sent in so many wonderful emails, you all rock. You can watch the full archives of our discussions below or listen to the audio version by clicking here

Part 1: Watch us talk about learning how to play the game and the low rank hunts.

Part 2: We talk about the game's high rank hunts, elder dragons, and... story.

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Original Story: Monster Hunter: World comes out on Friday, January 26th. Our time playing the game so far proves that it's the most accessible entry in the series, but we understand that it's intimidating to get into the (still complicated) game on your own. GI Game Club is here to help! Starting on February 1st, we're going to be diving in deep on the gameplay of Monster Hunter: World in a big community-centered discussion on The Game Informer Show podcast.

For that first episode's discussion, we'll be talking about everything up through the low rank hunts in the game. Please send your thoughts (concise, please) on the game's combat, systems, favorite moments, etc. in to This Game Club will be a bit different in that we won't be following along and relaying a game's story beat by beat, we're focusing on gameplay. The second episode's discussion will be on all hunts after "low rank" monsters. We're looking forward to playing through the game alongside y'all!

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