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New Gameplay Today – Hunt: Showdown

by Jeff Cork on Feb 06, 2018 at 06:00 PM

Crytek's upcoming game Hunt: Showdown pits five teams of two against hordes of the undead, boss monsters, and the other players. The wild-west shooter has a lot of potential, but do its various elements combine in an interesting way? Matt Bertz played the alpha for several hours, and he has the footage to prove it to Leo Vader, me, and you, the viewing public.

There's definitely a deliberate pace to the game, since players have to contend with both A.I. enemies and their fellow players as well. As Bertz explains in the video below, there are definite advantages to being as quiet as possible, since drawing unnecessary attention to yourself could potentially put you in someone's crosshairs. Fortunately, Bertz excels at being sneaky and taking out other players while they're predisposed trying to fight a giant spider. 

Look for Hunt: Showdown on PC at some undetermined point in the future.