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New Gameplay Today – SOS: The Ultimate Escape

by Jeff Cork on Jan 23, 2018 at 05:05 PM

What do you get when you cross Survivor with Battle Royale? SOS: The Ultimate Escape, possibly? This new PC game has the components to make it a streaming sensation, including fragile alliances, slightly wonky action, and the ability to affect gameplay with your votes. Is it fun, though? Ben Hanson, Leo Vader, and I checked out a quick game to see if we had what it takes to escape. Needless to say, while an argument could be made for our skills at outplaying, outlasting was definitely off the table.

The action begins almost immediately with our island castaway becoming part of a weird triangle. Things quickly go south from there, in spite of our best attempts at communicating with our fellow players (and shamelessly plugging New Gameplay Today). Betrayals! Monsters! More betrayals! It's all here in SOS, as you can see for yourself. 

SOS: The Ultimate Escape is available now on PC.