Replay – The 2017 Holiday Special

by Andrew Reiner on Dec 22, 2017 at 08:00 PM

A year isn't complete without a super obnoxious episode of Replay that celebrates the holidays. For this year's installment, I forgot to bring in my copy of Christmas Nights into Dreams, and we couldn't find any other holiday-based games we haven't played yet, so we decided to search Steam for titles containing the words "Christmas," "Santa," "Reindeer" and "Snow." We found a bunch of wonderful junk to check out. No, these aren't old games that fit Replay's criteria, but we also don't care that much about said criteria. This show has been running for like eight years or something, so cut us some slack. We just want to have fun playing games that have Santa in them. Do you really have a problem with that?

If you do have a problem with it, please leave your complaints in the comments section below. We'll get them to the right people. If you just want to celebrate with us, click play on the video below and let's get this dumb party started!