The Elder Scrolls: Legends Exclusive Card Reveal - Hallowed Deathpriest

by Daniel Tack on Nov 14, 2017 at 08:00 AM

In the upcoming Clockwork City addon for The Elder Scrolls: Legends, players gain access to all kinds of new cards. Today, we're revealing one of these cards, the Hallowed Deathpriest! This creature destroys your opponent's threats - before they can even play them! Whaaaaat?! Check it out!

Since the Deathpriest goes after the premium targets - high casting cost fare that won't yet be in play when you can field the Deathpriest at 5 Magicka - he can cause some serious problems by turning those epic dragons into manageable mummies. Of course, there's the chance you draw Deathpriest late in the game and the opponent doesn't even have anything in hand to target, meaning you're getting a rather lackluster 3/5 critter for 5 cost.

There's also the fact that you don't know what you're going to hit. While it's likely going to be an impressive card due to the high casting cost, sometimes you really want to have the hard removal option for when something is actually on the board.

As a solution to strike something before it can even come out (and hence nullifying anything that would occur as an enter the battlefield state), the Deathpriest seems impressive. However, it's a pretty big tradeoff - a Mummify can deal with something dangerous that's already in  play, the priest has to sort of do his work early and hope he gets it done. Unlike a removal spell, he's a fairly bad draw or play when your opponent has already put a gigantic threat on the board. I'm sort of torn on how useful this card actually will be in practice. On paper, it has a pretty awesome effect and seems like it could be an efficient and proactive option, but I think he may lose out to longstanding solutions that can actually deal with things that are already chewing away at your health pool.

VP of Marketing and PR at Bethesda Pete Hines weighs in on the card (He's quite the card-slinger in addition to his duties at Bethesda!).

Pete Hines: Obviously a 3/5 for 5 Magicka isn’t a great deal. But what you’re getting is, essentially, is a 3/5 for 5 that comes with a free copy of Mummify, except it targets the most expensive card in their hand instead of their biggest threat on the battlefield. So how good is that?


Against more controlling decks, sure he can be pretty great if he gets a Mantikora, Alduin, General Tullius, Gortwog, etc. It could be a good play in a more aggro deck if you’re beating down, breaking runes, and then making sure that whatever is the best creature your opponent has in hand isn’t getting played. It’s a pretty good follow-up to an East Empire Crafter (though lots of things are). Drop a 3/5 that becomes a 4/6 Guard that nerfs the biggest creature your opponent has in their hand.



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