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Every Transformation In Super Mario Odyssey

by Kyle Hilliard on Oct 31, 2017 at 04:30 PM

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There are more than 50 transformations in Super Mario Odyssey. You will get most of them as you play through the game normally, but there are a few off-the-beaten path and optional transformations that are a little bit tougher to find. Below, you will find the full transformation list, along with notes on where to find them. Note that, especially near the end, there are some big SPOILERS for the game's ending and post-ending content.

If you're more of a visual learner, we've also compiled this list in a form everyone is familiar with – the PokéRap. Leo Vader took the list, made it rhyme (mostly), and set it all to song. Enjoy.

1. Frog
It’s hard to miss this one. It’s the first transformation you get, and it trains you on the process.

2. Spark Pylon
Another that’s hard to miss. You use it to get from the first world to the second, and you see it a lot in Metro Kingdom.

3. Paragoomba
The easiest place to get the Paragoomba is to return to Cap Kingdom after finishing the game. They are everywhere.

4. Chain Chomp
This is one of the first enemies you will encounter in Cascade Kingdom.

5. Big Chain Chomp
There is a family of Chain Chomps near the T-Rex in Cascade Kingdom. Grab the big one.

6. Broode’s Chain Chomp
You will get this one during the fight against the mother Broodal in Cascade Kingdom.

7. T-Rex
He’s hard to miss napping in Cascade Kingdom, but he also appears in the Dark Woods of of Wooded Kingdom.

8. Binoculars
This green robot creature appears in nearly every level.

9. Bullet Bill
The first place you meet Bullet Bill is in Sand Kingdom going for the level’s main moon.

10. Moe-Eye
You will find Moe-Eye in the Sand Kingdom as you progress normally through the level.

11. Cactus
Look for the Cactus with the green knob on its head on the east side of Sand Kingdom.

12. Goomba
Plenty of Goombas can be found in Sand Kingdom, and just about every other level in the game.

13. Knucklotec’s Fist
Acquired during the fight with Knucklotec in Sand Kingdom.

14. Mini Rocket
These are featured in just about every level. There are a few in Metro Kingdom.

15. Glydon
Glydon appears in most levels, but the first time you will probably encounter him is the highest point in Lost Kingdom.

16. Lakitu
After beating Sand Kingdom, you can find Lakitu in the southeast of Sand Kingdom. He also appears in Lake Kingdom after you finish it.

17. Zipper
There are quite a few Zippers in Lake Kingdom.

18. Cheep Cheep
Cheep Cheeps are all over Lake Kingdom and Seaside Kingdom.

19. Puzzle Part (Lake Kingdom)
There is a blocked door in Lake Kingdom. A rock has fallen on it. After you beat the game, returning to Lake Kingdom removes the rock.

20. Poison Piranha Plant
This one is tricky. You will run into a lot of Poison Piranha Plants, but you need to kick a rock into their face to stun them in order to capture them. If you don’t stun them, they will just eat your hat. The easiest place to find them with rocks nearby is in Wooded Kingdom.

21. Uproot
If you’re playing Wooded Kingdom normally, you will find this guy.

22. Fire Bro
Fire Bros appear in Wooded Kingdom, but they’re easier to find in Luncheon Kingdom.

23. Sherm
Working your way through Metro Kingdom will put you in contact with Sherms. Same goes for Wooded Kingdom.

24. Coin Coffer
You will find the Coin Coffer in near the Secret Flower Field Entrance in Wooded Kingdom after you beat the level. He can also be found in the Deep Woods of Wooded Kingdom and the place where you fought Knucklotec in Sand Kingdom. You just have to return to the area after you beat him. He's a great source of coins.

25. Tree
The tree, which looks like a Christmas tree, is in the Deep Woods of Wooded Kingdom.

26. Boulder
Look for the boulder in Deep Woods that has a knot on top of it.

27. Picture Match Part (Goomba)
You can find the Goomba picture match game right in the middle of the map in Cloud Kingdom.

28. Tropical Wiggler
These guys are a big part of Lost Kingdom. You can’t miss them.

29. Pole
Just look for the orange poles in Metro Kingdom.

30. Manhole
Once you return Metro Kingdom to its sunny self, you will find the manhole with a knot on top of it down first street on your left after leaving the Spark Pylon that drops you into the city.

31. Taxi
Just head straight down the road after leaving the Spark Pylon that drops you into the city and you should see a cab with a knot on top on your right.

32. RC Car
Take the first left after leaving the Spark Pylon that drops you into the city, and you should see a man playing with an RC car. Throw your hat at him.

33. Ty-foo
You can’t miss Ty-foo once you enter Snow Kingdom. He’s the big cloud dude.

34. Shiverian Racer
You will turn into the Shiverian Racer during your time in Snow Kingdom

35. Cheep Cheep (Snow Kingdom)
Just look in the water of Snow Kingdom. He’s purple and hard to miss.

36. Gushen
These guys are all over Seaside Kingdom.

37. Lava Bubble
These guys are all over Luncheon Kingdom.

38. Volbanon
You will find these guys that work a lot like Metro City’s poles all over Luncheon Kingdom, and the rest of the Kingdoms after you beat the game.

39. Hammer Bro
The Hammer Bro is easiest to find in Luncheon Kingdom.

40. Meat
On your way to fight the big bird in the big cooking pot, you will turn into the meat.

41. Fire Piranha Plant
Much like the Poison Piranha Plant, this one is a little tricky. You need to stun the Fire Piranha Plant by kicking a rock at it first. The best place to do this is in the northwest section of Luncheon Kingdom.

42. Pokio
Pokio the sharp-beaked bird is all over Bowser’s Kingdom.

43. Jizo
This statue can be found in Bowser’s Kingdom. He’s right near the shop.

44. Bowser Statue
When you first enter the lava-filled underworld of Moon Kingdom, you will encounter two Bowser statues. One of them has a knot on its head.

45. Parabones
The Parabones are all over the lava-filled underworld area of Moon Kingdom.

46. Banzai Bill
This is essentially a giant Bullet Bill, and you will come across him naturally as you make your way through the lava area in the Moon Kingdom Underworld.

47. Chargin’ Chuck
Much like the two transformations prior, you will run into Chuck organically as you make your way through the Moon Kingdom Underworld.

48. Bowser
If you beat the game, you will turn into Bowser – and it’s awesome.

49. Letter
After beating the game, return to Metro Kingdom and you will find a collection of giant letters in the park.

50. Puzzle Part (Metro Kingdom)
After returning power to Metro Kingdom by going underground in the northwest area of the map, return to the power generator to solve this puzzle.

51. Picture Match Part (Mario)
This puzzle can be found in the northeast section of Mushroom Kingdom. Just take the Rocket Ship up in the air to get to it.

52. Yoshi
Yoshi can be found in Mushroom Kingdom after beating the game. He is on top of the castle. Use the scarecrow in the back in generate stairs to climb up to the top.

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