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The Coolest Pokémon Sun And Moon – Shining Legends Cards We Pulled

by Brian Shea on Oct 30, 2017 at 05:27 PM

The fourth expansion in the Pokémon Sun and Moon collection in the Trading Card Game turns a focus on some of the more legendary creatures in the Pokémon universe. From Mewtwo and Entei to Jirachi and Ho-oh, you can find many of the legendary Pokémon in the new Shining Legends expansion for Pokémon TCG. That alone makes this a sought-after expansion, but there's a strange twist: You cannot buy individual booster packs for this expansion.

Instead, to obtain booster packs and cards from this expansion, you need to buy one of the bundles, such as the Elite Trainer Box or the Pikachu or Mewtwo-themed Pin Collection boxes. That adds a level of frustration and cuts down on the impulse buy-ability of this expansion, but thankfully the exclusive cards offered in these bundles are great additions to your collection.

I purchased the Elite Trainer Box, which contains an exclusive Shining Ho-oh card and 10 booster packs, as well as both the Pikachu and Mewtwo Pin Collections, which include three booster packs each in addition to a new card featuring the bundle figurehead.

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