Replay – The 2017 Halloween Stuptacular!

by Andrew Reiner on Oct 27, 2017 at 08:00 PM

The best treat (and trick) we could give you this year is a look at a long-forgotten PlayStation 2 game called Ghost Vibration. This brilliant (or terrible) on-rails horror game is filled with jump scares and one of the most ghastly looking protagonist you'll ever see. We spend a fair amount of time with this gem before moving on to other awful horror games from yesteryear.

If you're wondering why Replay: Civil War didn't return for a third week, you have nothing to fear. It'll be back for the finale next week. We just wanted to pay our respects to one of the greatest holidays. We hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween! Let us know what you are dressing up as in the comments section below.