Where To Find All 12 Stone Circles In Assassin's Creed Origins

by Suriel Vazquez on Oct 27, 2017 at 12:01 PM

Among Assassin’s Creed Origins’ many collectibles are the mysterious stone circles. When you discover one of these circles, you must rotate and place an Egyptian constellation in its proper location in the night sky. As you’re figuring each puzzle out, you hear a conversation between Bayek and Khemu, all of which are worth listening to.

Twelve of these stone circles are scattered across Origins' massive world. If you’re having trouble finding any of them, we’ve put together a handy guide pointing out where they all are. If, however, you only want a hint as to their location and don’t mind some light spoilers, can head here to see an in-game map with more approximate locations.

Amun Stone Circle
You can find the circle that begins your quest just south of Siwa. If you follow the road that circles the lake just west of the of the city, you eventually encounter it once you’re south of the city and look to your right.

Apis Stone Circle
You can find the Apis stone circle in the southwest corner of the Isolated Desert, just below the Remetch Ra vantage point.

Divine Lion Stone Circle
The Divine Lion stone circle sits in the northeastern part of the Iment Nome area, southeast of the Temple of Sekhmet in Yamu.

Goat Fish Stone Circle
The Goat Fish stone circle is tucked neatly inside the northwestern “panhandle” of the Isolated Desert area, atop the western cliff that overlooks the valley there.

The Great Twins Stone Circle
The Great Twins stone circle is located inside the northern lake of the White Desert Oasis area, on a small island on its eastern side.

Hathor Stone Circle
The Hathor stone circle lies in the southmost marsh island of the Ka-Khem Nome region, just east of the Sapi-Res Nome region.

Horus Stone Circle
The Horus stone circle is southeast of Krocodilopolis, below the river and in Uab Nome.

Osiris Stone Circle
Inside the northwestern part of the Qattara Depression is where you’ll find the Osiris stone circle. Follow the western path on the map north and you’ll eventually see it on your left.

Pisces Stone Circle
In Faiyum you'll discover the Pisces stone circle, which you find by hugging the area’s eastern coast.

The Scales Stone Circle
 The Scales stone circle is slightly west of the Horus Stone Circle, also in Uab Nome.

Serqet Stone Circle
The Serqet stone circle is located in the northwestern handle of Iment Nome, west of the Temple of Sekhmet in Yamu.

Taweret Stone Circle
Tucked along the northwestern end of Faiyum is the Taweret Stone Circle. If you’re having trouble finding it, start looking at the western end of the waterfront on the north side and work your way East along the beach until you see it.

Once you’ve found all twelve stone circles, you receive another objective which takes you to a new destination. If you’d rather not get spoiled on this secret, don’t head to the next page!

Hidden within a secret entrance at the back of the Great Sphinx is a map with the positions of all twelve stone circles. The locations on this map are approximate, so you’ll still have to do a little searching for each circle, which might make things a tad more difficult but could make finding each circle more satisfying. If you’d rather use this map as a hint of where to find the Stone Circles, you can find it below.

Once you’ve found every circle and interacted with this map, you’ll unlock a door in this room that takes you to a Tomb of the Ancients, which requires quite a few resources to unlock.