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New Gameplay Today – Destiny 2 PC (4K, 60FPS)

by Leo Vader on Oct 23, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Welcome back to New Gameplay Today! This time, guest host Kyle Hilliard brings me into the studio to discuss my trip to Bungie and what I thought of my time playing Destiny 2's PC debut. We show off a campaign mission, a strike, and a match of Crucible.

To jump to a specific section, check out the timecodes below.

Story Mission (Utopia on Titan, about two hours into the campaign): 00:09
Strike (The Pyramidion): 12:20
Crucible (Control on Vostok): 32:48

Destiny 2 releases for PC on October 24th, and you can read our review of the console version here.