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Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Seven Nerdiest Details

by Kyle Hilliard on Oct 09, 2017 at 02:00 PM

Dragon Ball FighterZ loves its source material and it shows in every fight. The game takes all of the anime and manga's most memorable fighting moves and implements them into the game, but there are deeper cuts, too. Here are seven, very nerdy, deep cuts from the game that we noticed during our time with Bandai Namco and Arc System Works in Japan.

Android 18 Shows Her Allegiances
This is certainly not one we discovered on our own as it has been public since Android 18 and Krillin were revealed, but Android 18's three-meter Meteor attack will change depending on whether or not Krillin in is in your party. If he isn't, 18's brother, Android 17 shows up to help.

If Krillin is in the party, however, he will jump in to assist his wife in lieu of her brother.

"Watch Out Frieza! Stay Down!"
In his fight with Goku, Frieza used a special ability on Goku that eventually became his downfall.

In FighterZ, Frieza can use that same attack, and if he doesn't duck when it returns, it will do damage making it a risky attack.

Goku's One-Inch Punch
In the film Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, Goku uses a close-range punch on Frieza's chest that looks very painful.

He can also perform that attack in FighterZ and it works as a command grab.

Have A Sensu Bean
Krillin is certainly not the only one to hand out sensu beans to his comrades in Dragon Ball Z, but he usually is, and recently, in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, he was the official distributor.

It's nice to see him serving the same role in FighterZ as a support character.

Sorbet To The Rescue
In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F (and Dragon Ball Super) Frieza's underling, Sorbet, helps him essentially cheat in his rematch against Goku by shooting him in the chest when he's not paying attention.

That cheap move shows up in again in FighterZ. When Frieza's Meteor attack that temporarily turns him Golden expires, there is a window where Sorbet can pop up and fire off a powerful shot. He even has a tiny cameo with his picture showing up in the corner.

"You Can't Keep Putting Out Energy At This Rate! It's Killing You!"
In the later point of Dragon Ball Z's timeline, Tien is weak compared to the Earth's most powerful warriors, but he does have the Tri-Beam attack, which he used to great effect against Cell.

In FighterZ, the Tri-Beam attack is his Meteor attack. It's powerful, and can be used multiple times in a row – but at a cost. Using it takes out a substantial amount of Tien's health making it a risky attack.

Send In The Chiaotzu
Chiaotzu is an oddity in the Dragon Ball universe. Ignoring the fact that he looks like a miniature clown, he's kind of strong, but not so strong that he can hold his own in an important fight. He's also telekinetic.

In the original Dragon Ball, he actually used his telekinesis to paralyze Goku during a fight against Tien. In FighterZ, Tien can call in Chiaotzu to temporarily freeze his opponents to get in a powerful hit.

Note that Tien's animations are a work in progress in the gif below.

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