Top 10 Restaurants In Video Games

by Keenan McCall on Oct 06, 2017 at 04:31 PM

From traditional Japanese restaurants to a food stand built around a power generator in a post-apocalyptic baseball stadium, gaming is chock full of fantastic eateries we’d be hard-pressed to turn down in real life. Some offer benefits for the player like restored health and stat boosts, while others simply allow us to kick up our feet and take in the ambiance. These 10 restaurants take the cake and should be at the top of your must-visit lists.

10. Temjin Burgar (Overblood 2)
There’s nothing wrong with a simple menu, or at least that’s the motto of this frequented food shop. Offering only horse-meat burgers and high-priced bananas, Temjin stands as the best and only food source in Overblood 2’s cyberpunk civilization. The Santa mascot holding the restaurant’s sign initially drew us in, but we kept coming back for the lack of other options.  

9. Cluckin’ Bell (Grand Theft Auto series)
Fast, cheap, and questionably produced, Cluckin’ Bell is a staple of the Grand Theft Auto dining experience. An unholy combination of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell, the fast-food chain offers a quick and easy solution to low HP and an empty stomach. Sure, the cashiers will cuss you out with no provocation and the company has seen its fair share of controversy over the years, but you can’t say you’ve eaten in San Andreas until you’ve grabbed some chicken from the Bell.

8. Power Noodles (Fallout 4)
War never changes, and neither does the desire for a quality bowl of noodles. Nestled in the market area of Diamond City, this humble noodle stand is operated by Takahashi the Protectron, who vends freshly made noodles for 55 caps apiece. The shop is built around the city’s power generator, and the reactor’s glow offers a pleasant dining experience in the otherwise hostile Commonwealth wasteland.

7. Geletaria Bella (Hitman)
Even the most cold-hearted killer can’t resist a well-made cone of gelato. Found in Sapienza, the small shop sits along the city streets and draws a sizable crowd. With tropical flavors like mandarin on top of the traditional mainstays, would-be targets will live to die another day while you take in this slice of Italian culture. 

6. Kashmir Restaurant (Bioshock series)
The epitome of luxury eating beneath the sea, the Kashmir is where all Rapture’s finest go to enjoy proper dining. With live music and extravagant parties, it provided the first glimpse of what Rapture could be for those of influence and status. Even after being ravaged during Rapture’s civil war, it still serves as one of the best places to scrounge up food and drink, whether you prefer waterlogged snack cakes or forgotten liquor. Be sure to avoid overstaying your welcome however; the city’s residents get temperamental with newcomers taking their reservations.

5. The Stray Sheep (Catherine)
Find yourself lost amid the trials and tribulations of life? Step away to grab a drink with some friends at the Stray Sheep. With a charismatic and well-spoken owner always willing to lend an ear, this bar is the perfect place to unwind and ponder life’s choices. Grab some food and drink, play the old-fashioned Rapunzel arcade game in the corner, or talk the night away with an enticing stranger. The choice is yours.

4. The Seven Cats Inn (The Witcher 3)
A hotbed of seedy characters, rumors, and fine drinks, the Seven Cats Inn is a crucial stop for those passing through Novigrad. Frequented by sellswords in search of work, the pub has no shortage of interesting patrons. Likewise, fans of cats will have fun trying to spot the eponymous seven felines. Should you ever find yourself in the area, be sure to put up your feet by the hearth, order a drink, and wait for the tug of your next adventure.

3. Milk Bar (The Legend of Zelda series)
Nothing takes the edge off a hard day of heroism like a tall, cool glass of milk. A recurring destination in the chosen one’s adventures through Hyrule, the Milk Bar offers a friendly space to drink a selection of imported specials like Chateau Romani. Sit back, unwind, and take in the fine bovine flavors; just be sure you don’t spend too long here and forget to finish saving the world.

2. Sushi Gin (Yakuza 0)
Authenticity is key to this restaurant’s success, with the chef going above and beyond to provide his customers true sushi cuisine. A family-run business, the owner comes from a prestigious line of skilled sushi chefs. Not only that, but he constantly seeks to improve his skills, enlisting the help of clients to bring him new and unusual ingredients. Fill your palette with everything from an ancient rock fish to a rare breed of lizard, all while relaxing in a cozy street-side location.

1. Mother of Pearl (Final Fantasy XV)
Located in the middle of the Galdin Quay resort and spa, this restaurant exemplifies a fine-dining experience. Offering top-of-the-line seafood with a stunning view of the surrounding ocean and rock formations, it’s easy to get lost in the beauty and extravagance of this port destination. At night, this is doubly so thanks to the glow of the pier lights which serve as a beacon in the darkness. The resort also provides massages, monster hunts, and fly fishing for after meal exercise, rounding out a perfect experience for the would-be adventurer.  

If this list has you ready for a real life meal, be sure to check out "Fry Scores," a cook book dedicated to bringing in-game food to your dinner table. Enjoy your meals, and remember to tip your virtual waiters.