The Most Amazing Looking Exotic Armor In Destiny 2

by Cody Mello-Klein on Oct 03, 2017 at 04:50 PM

Not too long ago we took a look at the coolest looking weapons in Destiny 2, but Bungie gives Guardians exotic armor that is just as fashionable as any fantastic firearm. With this list we once again leave behind numbers and stats and instead rank which exotic armor looks the coolest. After all, it’s not worth shooting aliens if you can’t look good doing it.

The focus here is only exotic armor that is unique to Destiny 2. Sorry, no Celestial Nighthawk. 

10. SToMP-EE5
Better, stronger, faster. That’s the philosophy behind this exotic leg armor, which functions both visually and narratively as an exoskeleton. The way the metal wraps around a Guardian’s legs, with fixtures at the knee joints, makes this armor feel as though it’s been grafted on, not worn. But the SToMP-EE5 leg armor makes it on this list because of the duality of its design. The clean red and white coloring is corporate, while the gaps and holes in the armor make the armor feel patchwork, cobbled together as an experimental aid in battle.

9. Synthoceps
Where most pieces of armor in Destiny 2 look like they’ve come out of a mad scientist’s lab or blacksmith’s forge, the Synthoceps look organic. The green, veiny texture is the result of a bio-matter symbiote fusing with the wearer’s armor – an effect that really shines with the right shader. Pulsating with a life all its own, the Synthoceps’ mix of bright and dark greens gives this exotic a wild, untamed aesthetic.

8. Raiden Flux
The world of Destiny is built on dualities: light and darkness, urban sprawl and untamed wilderness, chaos and order. It’s that last combination that the Raiden Flux represents so well. This exotic hunter chest piece has a military rigidity that’s fighting with the chaotic energy coursing through tubes into an abdominal collection space. A cold grey top clashes with the fiery orange energy. One of the first exotic armor pieces Hunters encounter, the Raiden Flux is defined by the pull of these polar opposites. 

7. Nezarec’s Sin
Like many Warlock exotics, this helmet is drenched in mystique and dark allure. A reminder of an ancient fiend’s past misdeeds, this demonic headwear has the cryptic, ancient sense of intrigue that makes Destiny’s universe enticing. Side-mounted horns and a goatee-like metal protrusion give Nezarec’s Sin a devilish charm, while the blank facade of the helmet’s exterior shrouds a Warlock in mystery and makes you wonder how they can see the battlefield. Well, at least it’s stylish.

6. Crown of Tempests
Bungie sees the crown of thorns and raises us a crown of crystals. The titular ring of colorful pointed crystals, which rests on top of a collection of cloth (for comfort we have to assume), grants this royal headwear fatalist undertones. Colorful reflective surfaces and an ostentatious presentation make the Crown of Tempests a beautiful piece of gear, but there is a darkness lurking beneath the surface. Kings will rise and kings fall, but the crown, carved out of primal earth, will remain intact. The crystalline faceplate, jagged and scarred from battle through the ages, is a reminder that Guardians are also bound to this cycle of death and rebirth.

5. Hallowfire Heart
Titans draw their strength from defense, from the walls that guard them and weapons made in the fires of ancient forges. This exotic Titan chest armor looks like it came straight out from under a blacksmith’s hammer, with intricate bronze engravings and fine metalwork. However, the primary component of the armor’s medieval design is the fire that burns in its core. The way the flames stand out even in Destiny’s many dark recesses is striking. They provide strength and a way forward for any lost Guardian. 

4. Mask of the Quiet One
Demon horns, chainmail, and void light. What’s not to love? Although the massive horns recall Nezarec’s Sin, this exotic Titan helmet draws heavily from Destiny’s medieval aesthetic. Pointed ears make this helmet feel right at home at either a Renaissance fair or Star Trek convention. Chainmail with painted symbols covers a gently glowing purple streak of void light. The light is subtle but mesmerizing, making us wonder what’s under all that chainmail.

3. Doom Fang Pauldron
Channeling a Titan’s power through the massive fangs of some fearsome beast, these exotic gauntlets bring doom. The fangs themselves are impressive and bring an intensity that most of the armor on this list doesn’t have. The circuit boards and electrical equipment that run from the fangs and down a Guardian’s arms are a fascinating look at how the armor functions on a mechanical level. The color scheme is also fantastic, with deep space blacks giving way to darker purples and brighter pinks. It’s a colorful reminder of the void energy that flows through these powerful gauntlets.

2. Eye of Another World
This exotic Warlock helmet asks questions and offers few answers. What lies at the fringes of our universe? What is the nature of the Void? Are we truly alone in our fight against the Darkness? Few items in the game prompt this kind of existential thought, but the Eye of Another World draws depth out of deceptive simplicity. Stark white clamps and subtle metalwork allow the helmet’s orb of writhing energy to take center stage. Like other gear on this list, this helmet draws on Destiny’s sense of mystery and awe, but the mist – which twists and squirms with an unknown energy – is especially hypnotic. The animation is smooth and rhythmic, drawing our eyes and capturing our imaginations whether we want it to or not.

1. Wings of Sacred Dawn
One of the first exotic items available to Warlocks, this winged armor is functional and fashionable. The Wings of Sacred Dawn are flamboyant and over-the-top in the best way, arcing out from a Warlock’s back in a peacock-like display of gold and purple. Lifelike feathers etched into the wings and golden vines creeping down the finely tailored cloak are impressive details. However, the wings aren’t only designed for looks; they let a Warlock hover in midair while shooting at enemies. The image of a warrior with golden wings and a fiery blade raining down rays of sun fire is Destiny 2 at its most divine.

Bungie is probably already designing more amazing-looking armor for Destiny 2’s expansions, but this is our list as of now. Did we miss anything? Do you disagree with our ranking? Let us know in the comments below.

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