Replay – Nanobreaker

by Andrew Reiner on Sep 29, 2017 at 08:00 PM

At some point in your gaming life, you lost your cool playing a game that seemed unfair, broken, or downright difficult. Nanobreaker was one of those games for me. This PlayStation 2 atrocity from Konami nearly broke me as a game critic. Join me in a fearful look back at this game, as we explore Nanotechnology Island (not kidding) for just a few minutes. My frustration in the game once again bubbles to the surface, and we shift gears to another game that doesn't withstand the test of time. We repeat our actions and end up playing a game that we really need to spend more time with.

We're also coming up on the eve of the Super Replay Showdow...wait...Replay Civil War. Yeah, that's what we're calling it this year. Civil War. Two Game Informer teams locked in war. Should be fun. It should be hitting in the next week or two. Keep an eye out for it, and place your bets now on who will win!